What We Did



Tagline Development

THe Situation

Dash Dinners—seasoning blends and meal spice kits for creating chef-quality meals–had already established itself as a hit at local farmer’s markets. But founder Michelle Dudash was ready to take the enterprise to the next level. First, though, she wanted to make sure her brand was ready to do battle in the notoriously competitive food retail space.

THe Solution

Our first order of business was to establish a new name for Dash Dinners. More than 150 ideas later, we landed on Spicekick, setting the tone for a bold brand that really brings it in the flavor department. Then we developed a brand identity system, and carefully crafted the packaging to hold its own when competing with global brands on supermarket shelves. Now Spicekick can be found in more than a dozen of stores and supermarkets, and the list just keeps growing.

“I have taken my Spicekick packaging to national CPG expos, buyer meetings, and the farmers market, and everyone has raved about the packaging. Also, we really ‘clicked’ with Matinee. Egos checked at the door."

Michelle Dudash, Founder