Sparkland Studios

What We Did

Brand Identity

Strategic Messaging

Brand Guidelines

Website Design & Copywriting

Promotional Materials

THe Situation

When Lauren Sparkman partnered with Matinee, she had already been producing and investing in creative projects in Indianapolis and around the country. But she had mostly been doing so quietly, without a public-facing brand. So Sparkman and her team enlisted Matinee to develop a brand identity and home in on a mission, vision, and a storytelling strategy to position her burgeoning creative studio for the next step of its evolution.

THe Solution

We started our collaboration by exploring Sparkland’s network of partnerships, having in-depth discussions with investees and stakeholders. This research laid the foundation for a compelling narrative that positions Sparkland as a creative venture studio that clears pathways so creative entrepreneurs and visionary artists can realize their dreams. Next, we created a suite of brand assets to bring Sparkland to life: a brand identity, a new website, a comprehensive brand guide, and more.

“Matinee’s process is incredibly thorough. They’re a small but mighty shop that outshines any agency I’ve ever worked with. Plus, they’re a blast to be around.”