Ozwell Fitness

What We Did

Brand Identity

Targeted Messaging

Tagline Development

Brand Guidelines

Interior Consulting

THe Situation

Entrepreneur Gemi Ozdemir had a vision for a new kind of fitness studio: One where members could take a killer spinning or strength-training class and then move seamlessly to a recovery area where they could restore their muscles in a cold plunge bath or infrared sauna. He tapped Matinee to develop visual and narrative branding, and to support efforts to bring the brand to life inside the studio.

THe Solution

The logo we developed for Ozwell features a “Z” encircled by an “O.” Look closely, and you’ll notice droplet shapes inside the “Z.” These signal the dual nature of Ozwell: a place to sweat, but also to get relief. We created targeted messaging for primary and secondary audiences for Ozwell, which proved critical when they began marketing memberships ahead of their 2023 lauch. Today, Ozwell offers a unique fitness experience in a setting where the brand comes to life at every member touchpoint.

“People ask me all the time, ‘Is Ozwell a franchise?’ The quality of the branding legitimized us from the start."