Maitri Tea

What We Did


Market Research

Positioning Strategy

Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines

THe Situation

For decades, MCL Restaurant & Bakery has been satisfying the appetites of Hoosiers with old-fashioned, Midwestern comfort food. But one of their most beloved offerings is their signature iced tea. In 2023, they decided to rebrand the tea and start selling the popular product in a retail setting. But first, they needed a name. And a positioning strategy. And packaging. So we got to work.

THe Solution

The story of MCL’s iced tea dates back to the 1950s, when a friendship blossomed between the founder of MCL and an entrepreneur from Pune, India. Inspired by this origin story, we arrived at the name “Maitri,” the Marathi word for “friendship.” Then we fleshed out the brand identity system and packaging design to position Maitri as a premium Ceylon tea that’s best enjoyed on ice, in the company of friends.

"People absolutely love our new brand. They've been wowed by the beauty of our packaging. On top of that, Matinee is one of the most enjoyable teams we've have had the pleasure to create with."