The Kan-Kan

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Brand Identity

Brand Story

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Environmental Design

THe Situation

In a market dominated by corporate-owned multiplexes, the nonprofit Indianapolis Film Project aimed to open an arthouse cinema rooted in community. It would be located in a downtown neighborhood. It would house a restaurant serving good food at affordable prices. Above all, it would be a “third place” for filmmakers, film-lovers, and anyone else interested in seeing the world through new or different eyes.

THe Solution

Inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, we suggested the name “Kan-Kan.” In the context of Vonnegut’s book, a “kan-kan” is an object that brings people into a group of people linked in a cosmically significant manner. For this theater, it became the anchor for a beautiful brand built on the idea that community-oriented cinema can be vital, exciting, and celebratory.

“Matt and Amy helped us create a unique, fun brand that helps us stand out. And they bring their expertise in such an approachable, fun, and understandable manner.”

Kan-Kan Beer
Kan-Kan Opening Poster 1
Kan-Kan Opening Poster 2