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Innovation districts. What are they? Why is Indianapolis getting one? What will happen there?

Those are just a few of the questions we asked when developing a messaging strategy for the 16 Tech Innovation District. (In case you’re wondering, an innovation district “facilitates the creation and commercialization of new ideas and supports metropolitan economies” according to the Brookings Institute). In addition to message development, the 16 Tech Community Corporation tasked Matinee with comprehensive brand development for the “innovation hub” that will, upon opening in 2021, serve as district’s de facto headquarters. So we got to work. And by the time we finished, we’d developed names, identities, and narratives for not just one but three brands serving three distinct but overlapping audiences.

Meet. Make. Innovate.
Machyne A Community of Makers Gray
Hqo is a vibrant community

"The new brand has been invaluable. We're no longer pigeonholed into a specific industry, and it’s more aligned with the type of companies that we want to work with."