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The idea for Hi & Mighty had been percolating in the minds of husband-and-wife duo Dan and Jamie Fahrner for quite awhile when they approached us. Except it wasn’t “Hi & Mighty” yet. The duo needed a name for their start-up craft cocktail business. And positioning and marketing support. And a visual and narrative brand rooted in the idea that animated their entire enterprise: that life is worth celebrating—and it is often best celebrated with a finely crafted drink shared with friends.


Working closely with Dan and Jamie, we spearheaded naming, visual brand development, and positioning strategy for Hi & Mighty. Next, we got to work on packaging design for Hi & Mighty’s debut offerings, the Twin Gins. Then we worked on packaging design for their popular canned cocktails. Today, Hi & Mighty continues to expand its product line and distribution footprint. And, we’re happy to report, we’re still sitting shotgun for the ride.

“Matinee is the real deal. We get compliments on our product packaging nearly every day. It gave us an edge in a crowded marketplace. Matt and Amy are also easy to work with. They're great communicators, and deliver on time.”