16 Tech

What We Did

Brand Identity

Positioning Strategy

Targeted Messaging

Website Design


Brand Guidelines

THe Situation

The idea for the 16 Tech innovation district had existed in some form for more than a decade. But it didn’t fully enter the public consciousness until 2019 as it prepared to launch a brand-new headquarters, a sprawling food hall, and and a brand-new makerspace. It was at that time that 16 Tech approached Matinee to develop brands for each of these new properties. It was the beginning, as they say, of a beautiful friendship.

THe Solution

Matinee worked closely with 16 Tech leadership on a number of branding and marketing initiatives. We developed a comprehensive positioning and messaging strategy for 16 Tech itself, as well as its various sub-brands. We designed and wrote content for the 16 Tech, The AMP, and Machyne websites. And we even eventually got around to leading a visual rebrand of 16 Tech, giving the district a contemporary and clever look that suits an organization whose watchword is innovation.