There’s something you should know about us.

A few things, actually. Call them precepts, principles, or what have you. They inform everything we do.

The best brands are rooted in humanity.

Great brands are built by humans, not machines (more on them below). Furthermore, great brands aren’t bloodlessly utilitarian, but suffused with the same qualities—complexity, depth, eccentricity—that make humans interesting. Without them, a brand lacks the vital spirit that draws people in.

The key to doing great work is caring a whole lot.

And it matters why you care. A drive to compete, for example, will only get you so far. But a curious spirit will carry you all the way to the door of greatness. When that curiosity is combined with an oak-solid commitment to your craft, the results speak for themselves.

AI is no match for the human imagination.

Human creativity is rooted in qualities that machines can’t duplicate: lived experience, spontaneity, deep reflection, divergent thinking. AI tools are pretty much C-3PO: great research assistants that can generate decent ideas. But you’re still going to want Han Solo to steer the ship.

Life’s too short to work with surly people.

We do our best to avoid working with people who get hostile at the first hint of conflict. Not that they’re “bad.” Life is hard, and we’re all dogged by doubt, fear, and insecurity. Some cope with this by adopting an unpleasantly combative interpersonal style. These folks deserve our sympathy. But they’re not entitled to our time.