Branding the sh*t out of cool stuff since way back when.

Matt here. I’m the one who writes. Amy’s the one who designs. Together, we are Matinee Creative.

Some things about us:

We are a boutique branding shop. We specialize in brand consulting, naming, identity development, packaging design, and more. We limit the number of clients we serve, and those on our roster enjoy a great deal of our attention.

We’re not crazy expensive. Or silly cheap. We are industry veterans who deliver superb and timely work in a highly professional way. Our prices reflect that. On the other hand, we don’t have a staff of 50 or a big, fancy office. Our prices reflect that, too.

We’re married. And being married makes us a better creative team. This is because we can be unhesitatingly honest with each other, which is essentially impossible for creative teams whose relationships are strictly professional.

We’re not obnoxiously obsessed with our professional lives. Our work is important, but our lives don’t revolve around our professional identities. Matinee is just one star in a big and varied constellation of things we care about.

We love Indianapolis. We’ve been lucky to work on several projects that, we think, have made it a more culturally vibrant city. We hope to work on more in the years to come. Maybe even with you.

What else should you know?
We were born in the ‘70s, around the time Elvis Presley played his final concert about five blocks from our current home. Incidentally, we’re not big Elvis fans. Give us the Beatles every time.